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Neu-Wave : Heating and Cooling Accessories

Best Accessories For Your Equipment

Benefits from the state of the art heating and AC equipment only go so far if you do not plan and invest into proper accessories.

Not all thermostats are same, some only have basic features, some have features you may never need, so knowing what to buy and how to properly connect it is important.

Same goes for the rest of the accessories that are part of your of your heating or cooling system but which often go neglected or forgotten when evaluating and installing hating or AC system.

Humidifiers, filters, thermostats, we have it all and we know it all. We can ensure that your state of the art heating or AC system is complimented by proper accessories to ensure proper operation and maximum benefots you will receive from your systm

Bypass Humidifier

World-Class Customer Support 

Neu-Wave Heating and Cooling Inc carries many accessories from reputable HVAC industry leaders such as Honeywell, LG, RUUD, Sanuvox etc. We invite you to contact us so we can select best accessory to match your furnace or air conditioner unit.

Please call us 780- 257- HEAT (4328) to talk to one of our experts.