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Neu-Wave : Products and Services

At Neu-Wave we want to be your comfort solutions guy. 

We offer numerous products and services to satisfy all your comfort needs, all with the honesty you can only get by talking to your comfort guy.
Some of the services we are proud to offer are:

  • Furnace and ac repair: our technicians will arrive at your place, diagnose your issue, give you a straight forward estimate and repair your home comfort system in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Indoor air quality: the air inside your home is much worse than most polluted outdoor air yet you and your family spend significant time indoors every day regardless of the season and weather outside. That is why Neu-Wave believes so strongly in treating the indoor air you breathe. Protect you and your family by treating the air you breathe. Breathe clean, live healthy.
  • Installation services: in need of a new heating or cooling system? We have trained tradesmen to help every step of the way from our free in-home evaluation of your requirements and quote to the install of the system you choose, and most importantly our post-install care aimed to protect your investment. We do it all and we do it right way the first and every time.
  • Peace of mind: we have comfort plans to help you ensure your house and home is always comfortable, clean and as trouble free as possible. Don’t wait for major and expensive break-up to occur. Don’t settle for old and outdated equipment that only does part of the job it is intended to do while costing you significantly more to operate. We can help you, we want to be your comfort solutions guys.

Why we choose RUUD (and why you should too) …

We are proud to offer to you some of best quality heating and cooling products coupled with unmatched service and maintenance program all at a competitive and affordable cost that is typically significantly lower than same or inferior comparable product and service offering our competition has been offering.

More than 100 years ago, Edwin Ruud, a Norwegian mechanical engineer, came to America and developed the first successful automatic water heater. That early success marked the beginning of a tradition of innovation and value that led to the introduction of RUUD heating and air conditioning equipment in the 1950s.

Since then, the RUUD has grown into one of North America’s largest manufacturers of quality heating, cooling and water heating products for residential and light commercial use.

Today, RUUD operates manufacturing facilities employing highly trained workers and state-of-the-art equipment. Over the years, the product lines have expanded, changed, and improved significantly as new design techniques and better manfacturing technologies have become available.

What remains unchanged throughout our history, however, is our commitment to producing the most reliable, long-lasting, efficient equipment you can buy.

Neu-Wave Heating and Cooling Inc.

What remains unchanged throughout our history, however, is our commitment to producing the most reliable, long-lasting, efficient equipment you can buy.

Today’s economy isn’t about product lines; it’s about product solutions.  It isn’t about the number of models or the capacity, but how you can use these various products to meet the equally various demands of each application.

  • Residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and manufactured housing
  • New construction, major renovation, simple repair and replacement
  • Domestic hot water and commercial hot water applications
  • Domestic heating & cooling and commercial heating & cooling applications

Whatever your interests or needs; whatever your heating, cooling or water heating application, Ruud has a reliable, cost-effective solution to meet it.  Ruud is your one-stop source for all your heating, cooling and water heating needs.

Neu-Wave is proud to offer furnace and air conditioning products by Ruud.

Furnace, AC and Hot Water tank Specialists

World-Class Customer Support 

We encourage you to talk to us and utilize our extensive expertise for best advice on which package to select from. We have many models and options within our “Good, Better, Best” range of products to choose from depending on your needs, preferences and budget.

Please call us 780- 257- HEAT (4328) to talk to one of our experts.