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Your Furnace and Air Conditioning Specialists

Welcome to Neu-Wave. 

We are your Edmonton trusted connection for all your heating and cooling needs.

Let’s face it, if you live in Edmonton and area, you probably have heard the saying, “we only have two seasons, summer and winter. And if you live in Edmonton, you already know how cold our winters get and let’s face it, sleeping in a hot non air conditionned room in the summer, is not the most comfortable experience one can wish for.

You also know that the only thing that can bring the bone chilling sensation that is even colder than our winter, is the thought of your furnace dying in the middle of the winter. If that has ever happened to you, you very well know, you are facing a prospect of a very cold few days until your furnace has been repaired, or if you have to fix your furnace in the rush, your wallet will feel the hit of the heavy bill.

Not any more. Neu-Wave Heating and Cooling is your answer to having a reliable and working furnace in the winter to keep you and your family warm as well as a good quality air conditioner unit in the summer to make those hot summer days more manageable.

Neu-Wave Heating and Cooling offers full service repair and maintenance on-site for your existing furnace and air conditioner unit. We also service and maintain hot water tanks, fixed humidifyer units and more.

The old furnace or air conditioner unit eating a hole in your wallet? Neu-Wave to the rescue. We can install top quality furnace and / or air conditioning unit for your home at the very competitive and affordable price. 

Working on fixed budget or looking for a best price? Don’t settle for just any cheap furnace or air conditioning package or at least until you have spoken to Neu-Wave about it. We can install better quality unit that is going to perform better and save you money by being more efficient and provide you with the better warranty and support, all at the same or better price than what many of our competitors are quoting for lower quality inferior packages. 

Have a competitor quote already. Bring it to us and let us examine it for you. We love to see our competitor quotes but our competitors in many cases will not readily admit to the same. In most cases Neu-Wave can at least match if not beat majority of our competitor quotes while giving you better more reliable equipment and hardware that is going to be more energy efficient and cost you less to operate and maintain in the long term.

World-Class Customer Support 

We encourage you to talk to us and utilize our extensive expertise for best advice on which package to select from. We have many models and options within our “Good, Better, Best” range of products to choose from depending on your needs, preferences and budget.

Please call us 780- 257- HEAT (4328) to talk to one of our experts.